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Take a look at our menu, interior, summer garden! Enjoy your stay in Sofia city center.
Delicious food, quality drinks and really social atmosphere.


Take a look at our menu, interior, summer garden! Enjoy your stay in Sofia city center.
Delicious food, quality drinks and really social atmosphere ;)

Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen

The right place for sweet chat, dinner or cocktails. Exactly located in the Sofia city center, the restaurant will surprise you with kindness, politeness and style.

Our Menu

The urban interior and modern food in a restaurant in Sofia that stands out from the crowd with its healthy attitude towards food.

Starting with the appetiser, try the barbecue or the salad. The main course choices are risotto, fresh pasta, pizza or meat specialties such as chicken, pork or beef. And finally for the dessert try our semifredo, chocolate tart or panna cotta.

Try the various irresistible suggestions that enhance your body and soul. According to the situation, according to the company, according to your mood there are many choices -- all in one place.

We have amazing pizza and pasta, fresh salads, brussets, burgers, beef steaks and grilled meats, risotto and seafood. And our selection for vegetarians, vegans and children is a priority. That is why we say that the Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen restaurant is suitable for your entire group. It's for different occasions both for lunch and for dinner.

The menu is precisely selected, so every meal comes out of the kitchen is a polished creation. Our team of professionals will take care of you from the moment you enter through the door to the table and your departure. They will send you with "Come back soon. We'll be waiting for you".

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A Bit More About Us

It is not difficult to find us. It is neither difficult to pick us as your dining spot, chat with friends or meet a business partner. It all happens when you enter the world of Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen. A bit of cozyness, extravaganza, urbanness and attractive design. A world open for social chats, smiles and significant dining experience. This is where you would like the time goes into a stand still.

A coffee with a dessert before lunch, healthy lunch and dinner, themed music evenings shared with your friends. Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen is already known spot for all this, it has many faces and colours. A restaurant, a bar, a cafe made for people that want to share time, food and happiness.

We are ready to surprise you, make you happy and satisfy you. Even learn something new while here. Something hot, delicious, sweet or salty. Some new gossip, a piece of news or just your daily friends' stories. Yes we wanted to take you to a new place in Sofia, find new world tastes and combine it with a pleasant cozy experience when you are in Social (Sofia, Bulgaria).

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Table Booking

You can book quickly and easily using our online form. Or call us directly at 087 676 7647.

We have 270 seats located inside and 120 outside. Inside we have two floors - 120 and 150 seats.

Our address is Sofia, Blvd. Vitosha 16. There is no way you can miss us when you are having a walk on the main pedestrian street in Sofia.

Our working hours are 9am to 2am.