Restaurant in Sofia

Хората за нас

"Намира се в сърцето на града. На главната пешеходна улица. Един от най-добрите ресторанти в София. Услугата е много добра и бърза, храната е много вкусна. Ядохме пица с 4 сирена и макарони. Пицата прави се във фурната и тя е супер. Като макароните. Атмосферата е отлична."
Spase Manev

"Заведението е с отлична кухня и прекрасно обслужване. Вчера вечерта бях там с приятелка -храната беше превъзхода , а Пламен - нашият сервитьор ни обслужи безупречно и допринесе за една перфектна вечер. Благодаря ти още веднъж Пламен!"

"I had a delicious salad and the semifreddo was amazing. the waiters were all really nice. if yoi cant choose among the million places in Vitosha, I definitely suggest this one!"
Beatrice Bini

"The place is perfectly okay, its location is superb. The thing I don't like is it can get too crowded but that's a rather personal preference."
Georgi Dimitrov

"Great food! I’ve ordered prochuto sandwich and it was freakin tasty. The prochuto itself was super tender, the bread is homemade and the mozzarella was also amazing! Also it was quite big. The atmo is also great"
Nencho Nenchev

"Tasty pizza, good wine, nice staff and cozy atmosphere, if it is not too crowded. Extensive outside seating areas on the street and at the side. Pasta and desserts are delicious, too, so the place is highly recommendable!"
Jonas Boye